Saturday, March 24, 2012

What to sell on Ebay

The best things to sell on ebay are not the best profitable items. But, the best things to sell on ebay are actually things that you can relate to. For example, you are a car person, and when selling car parts, you can describe that part better than a lot of other people selling the same item on ebay. People will want to buy your item first because of how well you described your item since that's your specialty.
What to sell on ebay, that's something a lot of ebay sellers get stuck on when starting, but like I said, you have to sell things that you can relate to.

1. Plus size designer clothing – find good quality items at thrift stores and on clearance sales in department stores. Even if no one wanted it at your local Neiman Marcus, eBay is a worldwide market place and it might be just what someone is looking for in a small town where they don’t have access to great shopping – like me!
2. Designer clothes & Accessories. This same theory applies for other items such as designer shoes, designer jeans, men’s designer clothing, etc. There are eBay sellers making a full time living just by shopping clearance sales at high end stores and selling the items on eBay. If you live in a large metropolitan area with close access to a lot of malls and shops, and you have a good eye for designer bargains this form of retail arbitrage could work for you.
3. Sci Fi collectibles. Are you a trekkie or a Star Wars fanatic? Specialize in finding these types of collectibles to sell on Ebay.
4. Vintage Levi’s jeans. And vintage can mean even 80's and 90's for some of the more popular styles.
4. High end sweaters. These are a great sell on ebay, especially upscale like Eileen Fisher and others.
5. Jeanne Englehart's Flax and Blue Fish. These are very popular with the comfort clothing crowd and even have Yahoo forums devoted to them. Consider other comfort clothes brands here too and also comfort shoes such as Birkenstock and Doc Martins.

That is something a lot of people like to sell. What to sell on ebay? now you know.

Friday, March 16, 2012

What to sell on Ebay

- For profit

t's not difficult to find advice about what to sell on eBay. There are dozens of ebooks and so-called experts who all offer basically the same advice. The problem is that it usually doesn't work because they do it backward.

Lets be honest. What to sell on ebay, If you can't buy a product in sufficient quantity to keep a steady stream of auctions running it doesn't do you much good. Additionally, if you can't buy that product at a price that affords you a reasonable profit margin, what's the point?

You will increase your chances of success a thousand-fold if you start at the opposite end of the search process. What to sell on ebay, First find a niche or product that fits certain criteria, then see if there's a market for it on eBay. Here's how you should go about deciding what to sell on eBay. Since I primarily sell antiques and collectibles, this example will be in that area but it will work with other type of products also.

I start my search by looking for items in antique stores/malls, flea markets and antique shows that fit the following criteria:

1. The item must be readily available in fair sized numbers. You will probably find numerous examples for sale in nearly every mall or flea market you go to.

2. You should be able to find numerous examples priced in the $1 to $10 range with most priced in the lower half of that range.What to sell on ebay. This low pricing is important because it indicates that while most general-line dealers know people collect these items, they don't perceive them as having much value.

3. The item should be a small sub-niche of a larger niche that already has a large collector base. For example, advertising is a sub-niche of the larger antique/collectibles niche. Tins are a sub-niche of the advertising niche. Coffee tins are a sub-niche of the tins niche. One pound key-wind coffee tins are a sub-niche of the coffee tins niche. It's these small sub-niches buried several layers deep within a larger niche that you should look for. What to sell on ebay

4. It should be an item with a large number of variations. There were thousands of different brands of coffee sold in one pound key-wind tins years ago.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What to sell on ebay1

Everyone can use extra money right now to pay bills or maintain their homes and knowing what to sell on eBay is the perfect way to make a few extra bucks. Everyone is looking for something easy to do and something that can be done after they get home from their normal job. The easiest thing to do is make use of the internet and learn what items to sell on eBay.  And learning how to begin eBay selling is not as difficult as you may think.  I know, I have been there and this has worked!  If you want to know what to sell on eBay, just check out the site and see what products are getting hits and which auctions are selling.  I am sure that you are going to have some of these items lying around your house or that you can easily score some things from a garage sale or Craigslist.  It is fairly easy to get started and you can have a lot of fun finding things that sell on eBay.

Selling on eBay can be done a few different ways. You can list the items and let bidders place bids and try to outdo each other for the product (true auction style), you can list the item for a set price and the first one that buys it (Buy It Now), gets it.  Or, you can set up an eBay storefront and offer several products to buyers just like in a traditional online store. The last is the easiest, but it takes a small amount of money to begin.

You can make money with eBay if you know what to sell on eBay, have the right product, can sell at the right price and create a good product listing.  You can work from home in the evenings or the mornings.  It takes only a short time to create your eBay listings and to ship a few products everyday.  Always be sure to charge extra to cover the cost of shipping.  Always insure everything you mail out that has a value of over $100 too.  And the advent of Paypal lets you take credit cards and it is as easy as setting up your account!

You can send most products through the regular mail system for a lot less than any other shipping method.  Other options are through delivery services like FedEx or UPS.  The services can be quicker than USPS, but it costs a little more.  However, if a customer wants their product as soon as possible and they are willing to pay the additional cost, this is the best way to send an item overnight and know it is going to arrive on time.

You can find products to sell on eBay in a variety of ways.  One way is to watch for a great garage sale in your local area.  You can pick up items for low prices and resale them on eBay at a higher price and make a profit.  Be careful what you buy.  Make sure it is in good shape or working order and make sure it is cleaned up to save yourself some trouble.  Know the items value and what they sell for on eBay.  Getting a keen eye for opportunities goes a long way for understanding what to sell on eBay.  You do not want to buy something you cannot make a profit from.  I find that I can look things up on my smart phone while at garage sales!  Talk about convenient!

Not sure what to sell on eBay?  Maybe drop shipping is the way to go.

You can also sign up with wholesale vendors that offer the product for you to sell online through your eBay account.  The wholesaler will set you up with pictures of the products and a good product description.  They even help you decide what to sell on eBay and what has the most opportunity.  You will pay for each item after you sell it to your customer.  The vendor has a set price for an item at wholesale to sell you and you set your price over that amount in order to make a profit.  Wholesale vendors will help you to work through this to insure that you make money.  After the sale of the product, you collect the information from the customer.   You then contact the vendor and they will drop ship the item from their warehouse to the customers address that you provided.

This is known as drop shipping and it is one of the easiest ways to run an eBay home business.  You do not even have to leave your house, because there is nothing for you to ship.  The vendor takes care of all the packaging and shipping. What to sell on ebay. These guys help you with what to sell on eBay too because the more you sell the more they sell.  Be sure to have a return policy noted in your eBay listings and your eBay store.  Make it easy for the customer, but do set guidelines on time limit and the reason products can be returned.

Good products for an eBay auction or store listing are toys, children’s clothing (in good shape), designer shoes and purses.  You can buy many of these products at a reduced, clearance price and resale at a higher price.  You can watch other top eBay sellers, powersellers, and get a feel for what they are selling.  They are great models for finding out what to sell on eBay.  They usually have the market on some of the more popular products but you never know what opportunity you may find.  If you have a large collection of jewelry or decide you want to sell jewelry through a wholesale dropship vendor, be sure to check the quality and value of each piece before listing.

Computer parts and car parts are good items to sell on an eBay store site.  If you are going to sell any used parts, be sure to check the product carefully to make sure it is in working condition and very clean.  Car parts should not be greasy and always make sure the customer knows before the sale that it is a used part.

Electronic items are another good idea when determining what to sell on eBay.  Refurbished cell phones at a discount price, low cost computers, video game systems and video games are all good items.  Last is anything that is collectable or vintage.What to sell on ebay  There are a lot of customers that look for items from certain era’s in life.  Aprons from the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s are a great sale item, old baseball memorabilia and collectible books or jewelry.  Once you know what to sell on eBay and get setup as an eBay seller, just follow the eBay listing wizard and you’ll be on your way!  Knowing what to sell on eBay is half the battle but if you understand everything I have outlined you are well on your way! that was What to sell on ebay.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Making Money with Ebay

Making money with Ebay is entirely possible, but one has to be realistic. As with any other business, to be successful requires real work. "Getting Rich Quick" is a fantasy. You can, however, get rich slowly, and have a lot of fun along the way.  There are many sellers who join Ebay, and think that all they have to do is post a few items for sale and boom...they make money. It just doesn't work that way for most.
First, you have to have a product or products to sell. This means you need a source. Some people buy products wholesale and re-sell at a profit. Some people sell things from around their house that they no longer want. Some people go to yard sales, auctions, and estate sales and find things to re-sell. Some people watch for 75% off sales at their local retail stores and buy things to re-sell. Some people sell things that they make. (I make lighthouses and costumes.) I also do all of the other things listed above. Knowing what will sell or be "in demand" requires research. I call all of this "footwork."  There is lots of footwork involved here.
Then, things have to be cleaned up and made ready for sale. This is especially true in the clothing department. People will buy gently used clothing, but it needs to be nice and clean and free of stains and odors. Name-brand and unique clothing items are the easiest to sell.  I use a lot of laundry products, and spend a lot of time doing laundry. I call this processing. Processing is time-consuming, but well worth the effort.
After all that, the things you want to sell need to be photographed. It's a lot easier to sell something online if you have a nice picture of it to show your customers. A digital camera is a much-needed piece of equipment for this venture, because it's easier and cheaper to upload and edit the pictures on your computer. So, you have photography work to do.
I guess this is also a good place to mention that you need to educate yourself.  Successful selling online requires that you be a bit more computer savvy than just knowing how to send and receive emails. You need to know how to use a digital camera to get the best pictures you can, you need to know how to edit and upload your pictures, you need to know a bit of HTML, you need to know how to list your items. (Ebay makes that easy sometimes.) You need to know how to watch out for scammers, hackers, and phishers. There are lots of other things to learn. But, don't be frightened by this. I still have lots to learn, but I kind of learn as I go; and there are lots of Ebay sellers on the discussion boards who will help you along the way.
Once you have your pictures ready, then it is time to list what you want to sell on the site. Ebay has a listing form that you can fill out and put in all the details like item title, description, pictures, price, shipping costs, etc. Listing is my favorite part of the work. It's best to be very honest in your description and mention any flaws in the item as well as playing up the good parts.
You will also be charged certain fees for listing your item. It presently costs about 35 cents to list an item and another 35 cents to put in a gallery picture that shows up in Ebay's search list. There are other "listing upgrades" that you can opt into, and they cost you more money; but I usually only do the listing fee and the gallery pic, and do quite well. Once your item sells, there is also a Final Value Fee that you's sort of like Ebay gets a cut or a certain percent of your sales for letting you sell your items on their site.
Also needed is a way to collect your money and pay your fees. Most Ebayers use an online account called PayPal. It's and easy and somewhat safe way to do transactions online. Paypal will process credit cards and e-checks for you, but they do charge a small fee for their services. You can also use and accept money orders and cashier's checks.
Yes, making money costs money. You will not run a successful business online without making some investment. So, you will need to keep track of how much your items cost you, how much you sell it for, and how much it costs you to sell it. That's how you determine whether or not you made a profit.  If your Ebay venture does turn into a profitable business, then you will need to keep track of how much profit you made at the end of the year so you can pay your taxes. I call all of this Accounting Work.
Of course, once your item is sold, you will need to package it and mail it out. Believe it or not, you can order free shipping containers and boxes from the Post Office at You will also need tape, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, etc. You can then deliver your package or packages to the Post Office for mailing. Or, you can print your shipping labels online, and request free carrier pick-up from the Post Office; which is what I do.  Getting your packages shipped also involves quite a bit of work.
There you have it:  Footwork, Research, Processing, Photography, Education, Listing, Accounting, and Shipping. You will not make money by doing nothing. You can, however make money if you are willing to work at it.

Get rich on Ebay!

I am here to tell you the get rich on Ebay items out there are to make the sellers rich! Yes, I have been on Ebay for 10 years I have bought and sold items for years. I just started selling like I am in September and if you ever need advice I will answer any questions or "trade secrets" for FREE. I can honestly say the above becuase last March I was staying up late over the winter I found myself a TV show I liked anyway I found those infocials. LOL I bought my 1st one. I learned I could sell Ebooks. Wow It told me how to find someone to write it for me if I could not commit to write a book. Next (after that one got returned) I bought a well known program on getting rich on Ebay. Sounded good 5 books drop ship program how to buy goverment surplus. Monthly emails. Ok 1st the drop ship I think everyone on Ebay bought this program because everything on this website was on Ebay. Great I found a jewely site were bidz start at a $1 and as you can see I paid $14 for the watched I have up and they will not sell for $9. What a bargain! Anyway not worth a dollar or the packing material. If you are looking for something to sell type in to the internet what is selling on Ebay there are programs that will tell you what the hot sellers are. I go to a thrift store when they mark items down. Garage sales will be starting up (that was in the $59.95 5 book deal I bought) anyone should not have pay that to say oh hey I should go to one.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What NOT to sell on Ebay

You have probably heard that you can basically sell "anything" on ebay, and it's true, but if you really want to get a good profit out of things, you shouldn't be selling "anything" on ebay. First thing is first, Electronics are the worst things you can sell on ebay, unless you buy them at a real small price or if you steal them,(which isn't very smart). Clothing is also something else to NOT sell on ebay, because that is something easy to ship, and it is very easy to get it cheap. Talking about "easy to ship", the best things to sell on ebay, are big things, things that not everyone wants to sell because of how much the shipping price will be. There is not much competition on big items and you will get bigger profits when selling them on ebay. What NOT to sell on Ebay is something that you should read more of, because depending on what niche you are working with, you will not get anywhere selling the same things everyone sells, and that is What NOT to sell on Ebay.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

What to sell on Ebay

- 5 great items

5 Hot Categories Trending In eBay
Apparel, Footwear and Accessories
This particular marketplace is actually an enjoyable one to focus your eBay business on because it encompasses numerous diverse niches including novelty underwear, fashion trends, as well as athletic footwear. Apparel and footwear can also be very easy to sell not to mention ship, and most crucial of all, generally there will almost always be a higher demand with regard to clothes and footwear.
Red-Hot Sales Tip: Make sure you offer your prospective customers as much info as you can within your eBay listings, particularly whenever providing the actual item’s size, color and condition. This helps your customers to determine whether or not it is going to fit them – Item size is one particular factor that may very easily lead to uncertainty for your potential prospects.
Consumer Electronics
This is possibly the most competitive, however it can also be the marketplace for your best possible profit – especially when it comes to merchandise including iPads, iPods, MP3 players, tablets, digital cameras as well as mobile phones. The best method to approach this particular market is usually to buy in bulk and then sell in substantial volumes. There is also a huge buyer market in this category for accessories including skins, cases, batteries, additional cords and charging gadgets and devices, or perhaps hands-free kits for cell phones.
Blu-Ray, DVDs and CDs
On eBay, more than One million Blu-Ray, DVDs and CDs are typically sold every calendar month! Furthermore, for each million sold, you will find about Two million listed. This really is one more extremely competitive marketplace which has possibilities for massive income. Your best bet for making it in the DVDs and CDs marketplace should be to specialize – think outside the box (mainstream movies and TV series), or music and uncover a unique niche marketplace such as work out DVD’s, classic DVDs or even studying languages.
Gaming Systems
A large number of gaming aficionados make use of eBay as a site to buy as well as sell their own video games and gaming systems. A typical gamer will probably purchase the newest video games, play them for a while get bored and then sell it on eBay. They will then get the next best game to keep themselves busy, this means there are generally a multitude of consumers constantly shopping for the latest video games or gaming systems.
Beauty and Health
You will find a lot of products within the Health and Beauty marketplace: weight reduction supplements along with, anti-aging pills plus creams and vitamins, haircare treatments, dental products, makeup, perfume and cologne, moisturizers, eye care and eye ointment, hair and makeup applicators and brushes, hair therapy and removal products or perhaps shaving and razor blade items, creams, manicure and pedicure kits, eyelash extenders, tweezers along with dozens more! Whew quite a mouthful!
Red-Hot Sales Tip: Even though brand name products are often within the best sellers in health and beauty, always be extremely weary regarding Asian suppliers supplying these items rather cheaply – these are probably bogus and eBay will regularly ban individuals marketing these fakes.
If you are new to eBay selling or even if you just wanted to know what to sell on eBay you should now have a starting point to do some more research into these 5 top performing eBay categories.